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"Why Does One Professional Photographer Fail And Another Succeed...?"

From: Alan Hutchison
Stirling, United Kingdom
Re: Your Photography Website

Dear Fellow Photographer,

It's a FACT: Most Photographers struggle to generate a full-time income from their business.

Only a very small percentage go on to make a true success of it, earning over six-figures from their Photography year after year.


Because their ideal clients don't even know they exist, due to their website floundering on page 4 or 5 of Google.

So what do we do to compensate for this?

We try to advertise to these clients instead, don't we?

Have you done that? 

Have you been spending a small fortune on Facebook Ads trying to generate traffic to your photography website?

Have you been spending Pound after Pound on Google Adwords and getting nowhere? 

Well, what if I told you there was a better way? It's called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

I know, I know, it sounds complicated and too technical doesn't it?

Well, you'll be surprised, but It's actually really easy to do, once you know a few insider secrets!

If you'd like to discover the Search Secrets I personally used to build a Six-Figure Photography Business, then this eBook is the answer you have been looking for!

Hi, I'm Alan Hutchison, founder of the website, Marketing For Photographers.

I was a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Scotland and I managed to build my Photography Business to a Six-Figure Turnover Enterprise in just two short years.

How did I do that? 

By learning everything I could about Search Engine Optimisation and generating more traffic to my website than any of my competitors.

At the time I was ranking Number One for almost every Scottish Wedding Photography related keyword you could think of.  

In fact, when we launched a new Boudoir Photography business for my wife, we had that business at Number One for Boudoir Photography Scotland in just six weeks!

As my reputation for search engine techniques grew, I was asked to speak regularly at photography seminars throughout the UK.  

I was even one of the Keynote Opening Speakers at The Societies Business School at their Annual Convention in London.

Eventually other photographers started asking me to help them rank their photography websites on Google and as a result I launched a separate SEO business called PhotoProSEO in 2013.

With that business, I literally helped hundreds of photographers around the World generate more traffic to their websites and book more customers than they ever thought possible.

I eventually sold that business for a six-figure sum in 2018 and with that, I was locked in to a three-year non-compete agreement, so, sadly, I was no longer able to help other photographers.

At that point, I kind of retired.

My wife and I spent half of the year, playing golf at our second home in Florida and the other half at our home in Scotland.

Then COVID hit and we couldn't travel.

As a result, I got bored and started to dabble with websites again. 

And SEO.

And you know what, I started to enjoy it again and I remembered the amazing rush I got from helping other photographers succeed.

So in early 2022, I created a new website called Marketing For Photographers with one objective - to help photographers build a better photography business.

"What Everybody Photographer 
Needs To Know About
Search Engine Optimisation ..."
Now, I know what you are thinking right now:-

"But Alan, you embedded yourself in SEO, you spent years learning every aspect of it, I can't possibly do that!"

And you are right, it does take a huge investment in time to get to the level of SEO work I was doing.

But what I discovered was that 95% of SEO work is actually very very simple.

IT can be done easily and quickly by anyone!

However, most people don't, because the SEO industry likes to keep it's little secrets hidden!

That's why I decided to sit down and rewrite my "SEO for Photographers" book, (which I had first published in 2014), and bring it completely up to date

It's turned into an amazing treasure trove of information and I've decided to call it:
"Search Secrets Exposed"
This amazing eBook makes it easy for you to optimise your website and start generating an endless stream of traffic and customers, so you can become the successful photographer you have always dreamt of.

If you've been spending a small fortune on Facebook Ads, then this eBook is the answer you've been looking for.

"If you can follow a checklist, you too can have a Photography Website that ranks well on Google!"
If you would like to get MORE TRAFFIC and therefore MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS visiting your photography website, then this is the eBook for you!

In the past I have sold my SEO for Photographers guide for £59, but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the new version of my book PLUS a whole bunch of other content and training guides....
For Only £5.00
Yes... for about the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you can get access to my SEO frameworks that took me months to create... 

YES ALAN! Give Me Instant Access To
"Search Secrets Exposed" And The FREE BONUS Training RIGHT NOW For JUST £5.00!
  Instant Access To "Search Secrets Exposed" eBook  (Value £59)
  Get My Exclusive "12 Secret Steps" Optimisation Guide (Value £95)
  Full Access to "Keyword Research: Decoded" Training Video (Value £195)
  Watch Over My Shoulder As I Optimise a Website in Real Time with "Keyword Research: IMPLEMENTED"  (Value £495)
  Get The "Content Marketing Toolkit" (Value £495)
Total Value: £1,339
Today Just £5
"It Doesn't Matter What Type of Photography You Shoot....Search Secrets Exposed WILL Work For You"
In fact...
We have photographers in EVERY genre and niche who are using this SAME FRAMEWORK in their own businesses!
Photographers in all these genres use it to fill their websites with traffic and make more sales:
  • Wedding Photographers
  • ​Portrait Photographers
  • ​Commercial Photographers
  • ​Landscape Photographers
  • ​Newborn Photographers
  • ​Lifestyle Photographers
  • ​Wedding Videographers
  • ​Drone Photographers and Videographers
  • ​Brand Photographers
  • ​Headshot Photographers
  • ​And many many more.....
At This Point You Are Probably Wondering "Who Is Alan Hutchison?"
Well, I'm the guy who teaches non-technical photographers all about search engine optimization.

I'm also the guy who teaches non-sales people how to sell their photography.

I've been helping photographers with their Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing since 2013.

I've literally helped 100's of photographers just like you.
But, please don't take my word for it. Here's what other photographers have said about me:-

Simon Grosset, Q Photography

"Alan is unique - he is a successful wedding photographer, a businessman and an IT expert. The combination of those talents make him the perfect person to advise on marketing, web sites and all the other facets of running a successful wedding photography business."

Chuck Grosz, CG Weddings

"Alan saved me easily hundreds of pounds and hours of labour on content writing services by introducing me to a different solution. His advice and guidance is super valuable and knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended!"

Alison Edwards, Alison Edwards Photography

"Alan has given some excellent and detailed SEO advice on how best I can further optimise my website when targeting wedding photography and newborn photography on one website."

Jordan Crosby, Jordan Crosby Media

"Alan's advice been greatly appreciated as I build up my own website. He has been a great help and has allowed me to grow my knowledge and understanding of SEO and how I can improve my website!"

Joel Chant, Joel Chant Photography

"Alan’s extensive knowledge and ability to convey that in a clear concise way is priceless. He knows SEO inside out. Alan has helped me in many ways to improve and streamline my wedding photography business. I would be happy to recommend him and his services to anyone in the industry."

John Payton, John Payton Photography

"Alan’s superb and comprehensive knowledge of wedding photography SEO and marketing tips have already helped me grow my business. It’s so great to have such a friendly authority in the industry supporting our community."

Tom Turner, Luxoria Photography

"I can't express how much Alan has helped me already. After implementing just a few of his wedding photography marketing tips I was able to get my wedding photography website from page 10 on google rankings to page 2 in just a matter of days. I can't wait to learn more."

John Kennedy, Shot by JFK Photography

"I needed some help with SEO for my website as my understanding of these things is not great. Alan came to the rescue with some fantastic pointers and some direction for me."

Will Sparkes, Will & Sarah Photography

"Alan is a refreshing change, why? Well In an online world where we are constantly shown ads for the latest marketing guru only to sign up and be spammed to spend more on the same useless tricks; Alan is the complete opposite, he is the real deal, someone who has been there, done it and is willing to share his experience."

Dave Broomfield, Dave Broomfield Photography

"I came across Alan's website Marketing for Photographers. I found his knowledge and the way he puts it across absolutely invaluable. In particular, his knowledge on SEO is superb."
Here's Exactly What You'll Get
When You Order Your Copy Of 
"Search Secrets Exposed"(For Just £5.00)
The "Search Secrets Exposed" eBook (Value £59)
  • ​Accessable Anywhere: Read it on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • ​​Results within weeks: This easy-to-follow eBook holds the keys for you to learn how to optimise your website so that your site can be found on Google and other search engines within weeks.
  • You WILL generate more income: Start to generate an endless stream of new clients to your website and generate more bookings.
  • You WILL save money: You can finally stop paying for expensive Facebook and Google ads and avoid spending hours and hours on social media marketing.
PLUS, ACT NOW And You'll Get ALL Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - The 12 Secret Steps
"This makes Search Engine Optimisation Childs Play..."
Total Value: £95
This 12-Step Checklist is essentially a "join the dots" guide to optimising your home page, that anyone can follow

By following these 12 steps, every single time you optimise a web page, you will never miss a vital step and your page will be optimised 100%.  

At the same time you will be learning the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation and starting to generate more leads for your business.

You will also be doing what 95% of your local competitors DON'T DO, and you will soon start to DOMINATE your local market.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Search Secrets Exposed' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Keyword Research: DECODED
"This Is Like Turning On A Tap And The Customers Start To Flow..."
Total Value: £195
This training video makes it simple to learn exactly how to find the best keywords that will generate the most relevant traffic to your website.

This training will enable you to find keywords that other photographers may have overlooked and how to spot the keywords to avoid.

By following my keyword research principles you'll be able to start generating traffic to your photography website much faster than you imagine, as you finally figure out what keywords will provide the most traffic and the most relevant customers.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Search Secrets Exposed' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Keyword Research: IMPLEMENTED
"This Is Almost Like Alan Optimising Your Website For You..."
Total Value: £495
Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to implement the 12 Secret Steps on a photography website.

In this training video I lead you step-by-step through the actual optimisation process and plug in my chosen keyword into my website's home page.

You will see exactly where keywords are used, what other optimisation methods are used, and learn the crazy mistakes that everyone needs to avoid.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Search Secrets Exposed' Today! 
Bonus #4 - The Content Marketing Toolkit
"The Sneaky Little Secret To Exponential Website Traffic Growth..."
Total Value: £495
Content Marketing is the underground secret to exponential website traffic growth.

The "Content Marketing Toolkit" comes with 7 done-for-you article ideas which will turn your wedding photography website into a FREE lead-generation machine by making it the go-to website for all things Weddings, in just a matter of weeks.

You can also exploit and adapt these same content ideas for ANY photography genre, not just Wedding Photography.

By exploiting this concept you will have clients reaching out to you before they even book a wedding venue!

You will also get my full training video on what Content Marketing is and how to exploit it for any photography genre.
Get This For FREE When You Order 'Search Secrets Exposed' Today! 
At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"
There is NO CATCH
I'm doing this because my goal at Marketing For Photographers is to help as many photographers as I can. Plus, I know that if you like my book, you may come back to me for more training in the future, so it's a win for both of us..

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!).
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, this offer for "Search Secrets Exposed" can't last forever...so please don't wait!

I can't afford to keep this deal going forever, so at some point the Bonuses will be dropped from the offer and I'll have to revert the price of the eBook back to normal. 

So, if you want to see amazing results for your own website in as little as two weeks, grab this offer while you still can!

And, do you know the best thing about all this? 

Your purchase is FULLY PROTECTED with my....
"You've Gotta Be Crazy" Cast-Iron Guarantee
If for any reason you don't love the Search Secrets Exposed package, I'll refund 100% of your money with no questions asked, and you can still keep access to the eBook and get value from it in the future.
But You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today, When You Order "Search Secrets Exposed"

YES ALAN! Give Me Instant Access To The Search Secrets Exposed eBook And Video Training RIGHT NOW
For Just £5.00 !
  Instant Access To "Search Secrets Exposed" eBook (Value £59)
  Get My Exclusive "12 Secret Steps" Optimisation Guide (Value £95)
  Full Access to "Keyword Research: DECODED" Training Video (Value £195)
  Watch Over My Shoulder As I Optimise a Website in Real Time with "Keyword Research: IMPLEMENTED"  (Value £495)
  Get The "Content Marketing Toolkit" (Value £495)
Total Value: £1339
Today Just £5
Well if you have got this far, I want to thank you for reading. (You didn't just scroll straight to the bottom did you? LOL).

The Bottom Line is that if you want to outrank your competition, boost your traffic and win more business, then this is what you need!

Thanks again,
Alan Hutchison
P.S. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose hereIt's just a Fiver, and if you don't like it, I'll give you your money back, 100% guaranteedPlus you get access to all those FREE bonus training videos and guides.

I do hope you will agree with me that this is a complete no-brainer, and I will look forward to seeing you in the members training area!
YES ALAN! Give Me Instant Access To 'Search Secrets Exposed' RIGHT NOW For JUST £5.00!
YES ALAN! Give Me Instant Access To 'Search Secrets Exposed' RIGHT NOW For JUST £5.00!
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  • ​Full Access to "Keyword Research: DECODED" Training Video (Value £195)
  • Watch Over My Shoulder As I Optimise a Website in Real Time with "Keyword Research: IMPLEMENTED" (Value £495)
  • Get The "Content Marketing Toolkit" (Value £495)
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